Monday, July 16, 2012



Half of my jewelry stock that I had this morning
is now in the hands of a dynamic and beautiful woman by the name of

Daymn near cleared my shelves!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


wild bodhisattvatude, respect, peace mentality, freshness, spaciousness, soul power and grace, the loving of Ms Cally, extended families, rituals in drinking macha tea, cool sound scape harmony, artistic incompletions, friendly salutations, permanent infatuations, lyrical consonance, syncopations that get us to dance, a chocolate and ginger romance, my lover's cadence, blue-pearl radiance, sly inner wisdom, transconsumerism, fire gazing, hopeful premonitions, exceeding expectations, perfection n imperfections, good questions, eating persimmons, radical expressions, unspoken languages, soul kissing, reinventing ourselves on a daily, natural floetry in versed rhyme, night time musings, ironic serendipity, telling idiosyncrasies, hidden sanctuaries of the mind body and planet, flux, 5th Mode Squad, moving through the unexpected, the Beloved, realities of what I believe in beginning to bind, the Divine Wow!, compassionate counsel, the rabbit hole, creating playlists, the midas touch, elation of spirit through personal adornment, ingenuity, Good N Plenty, R2D2, "Bleach" episode 20, Highway Equanimity, losing myself as I create jewelry, Aesthetic Bliss: the feeling I get when I lay my eyes on beauty, serving as a channel for limitless creativity, shiny baubles, one's magic satchel, the Snufulufugus, secret savoring of silence, living life like it's ::golden::, "Why all this Cosmic Talk?", walks without a destination, stretching imagination, ecological sensitivity, our plant/animal/human/deity nature, the smell of leather, cutting loose on the dance floor and the delicious possession that takes over, Universal order, intuitive spiritualism, synergistic symbolism, nonresentment syndrome, evoke potential, myths, the mystic eye, ~ intentional living ~, whatever fertilizes the right way of thinking, healing practice, haikus and tankas, temples, mindfulness, stillness, balance, """thePurpleLotus""", 3D glasses, simple sacred acts and objects, energy sensing, imaginative truth-telling, spectrums between this and that, the art of placement, independent and progressive artists, the Artist's Way, ask~believe~receive~give~thanks and the benevolence of Universe's flow, holy listening, self-honoring, organic farmers markets, artisan markets, beginner's mind, unlearning the meaning of Zen, zazen, smell-goods, good karma, coincidence, Japanese incense, mudras, intuition, spontaneous asanas and kundalini risings, mocha coffee ice cream, Kuan Yin, Shay'la the black kitten, warm fuzzy scarves, hearts of my heart, Burning Man on the playa, Burning Man off the playa, gifting, holistic well being, fetishes and fetishists, shiny black leather boots with spurs + their admirers, _ gender benders _, pheromones, mojo, being incognito, tattoos, playing roles, eye contact ESP and what about some D/s etiquette thrown into the freeQ beat remix?, vice grips, explicit contents, uncharted ratings, S/M, practicing a quiet strength, sublimation elevations, subtle divinations, clear communications, love rippling, a brown stallion horse with skates on (yknow?), unfiltered sake, smooth mellow rides, skating rinks, 2 amants on a synchronized wink, provocative curves, magical moments, thralldom, the unknown, and so on and